8U - Super 8 Program Announcement

St. Peters Hockey is pleased to announce the addition of the “Super 8” supplemental development program for all major year 8U players (2014's). The 2022-2023 8U program will now be separated into minor (2015's) and major (2014's) for evaluations and team placement. The 8U minor teams will enjoy all the benefits that our 8U teams have in past seasons with no change, including half-ice games, ADM practices, skill sessions and off-ice sessions. The 8U major program will include all those elements, but this season a handful of ADM practices and half-ice games will be replaced with Super 8 events. The Super 8 games will be 5-on-5 full-ice and practices will center around teaching full-ice skills, tactics and concepts.

The purpose of the Super 8 Program is to help ease the transition to full-ice hockey and accelerate the development of the skills, tactics and concepts that they will encounter beginning at the 10U level (Squirt). The amount of Super 8 events are directly linked to the development stage of each player. Super 8 Teams will be formed by combining two 8U major teams of the same level. If you are a 2014 birth year player, you will be assigned to an 8U team and a Super 8 team. Those events will show up on your calendar and will be labeled accordingly. Super 8 practice plans will be professionally developed and provided to the coaches. The planning process is still underway and there is currently another club in St. Louis that is adopting a similar program allowing Super 8 games to be scheduled between the clubs and against appropriate level squirt teams. Super 8 events will in increase in frequency as the season progresses and at the end of the season, all Super 8 teams will participate in a full-ice tournament.

We are very excited to offer this new development opportunity to our players for the 2022-2023 season! Please keep in mind the developmental stage these players are in and help us keep the focus on creating a supportive and encouraging learning environment.

Any questions concerning the Super 8 program can be sent to the St. Peters Hockey Club 8U coordinator, Jesse Hartmann at 8u@stpeterspirithockey.com.