8U Program

Our 8U program follows the USA Hockey ADM Model, where player development is the primary focus. We are pleased to announce the addition of the “Super 8” supplemental development program for all major year 8U players (2015's). The 2023-2024 8U program will be separated into minor (2016's) and major (2015's). The 8U minor teams will enjoy all the benefits that our 8U teams have had in past seasons with no change, including half-ice games, ADM practices, and on ice skill sessions. The 8U major program will include all those elements, but a handful of ADM practices and half-ice games will be replaced with Super 8 events this season. The Super 8 games will be 5-on-5 full-ice, and practices will center around teaching full-ice skills, tactics, and concepts.


This program is for players born in 2015 and 2016. Minor birth year (2016’s) will utilize the ADM model, and the Major birth year (2015’s) will use the “Super 8” hybrid program. 


Registration will open in Mid-June and closes in Mid August. We will hold evaluations by birth year to form our teams in August. Practices begin the first week after Labor Day, and your season runs until the middle of March. 


Your practices and home games will be played at the RecPlex in St. Peters and Wentzville Ice Arena.


Our 8U program will practice and play games 2-3 times per week. Practices are station-based and follow USA Hockey ADM practice plans. Skill sessions with our Skills Instructor are included in your ice allocation. "Super 8" teams will have a portion of ADM practices and half-ice games replaced with Super 8 events. The Super 8 games will be 5-on-5 full-ice and practices (full ice and half ice) will center around teaching full-ice skills, tactics and concepts. Super 8 events will begin in January of your season.


Our 8U teams will play 4-on-4 half-ice games against teams from other local clubs. Teams are comprised of 9-12 players and coached by volunteer parents. Super 8 teams will be formed by combining two like skilled 8U major (2015) teams. They will play 5 on 5 full ice games beginning in January against like skilled teams from St. Peters Hockey Club and other local clubs. St. Peters Hockey Club will select Super 8 team head coaches. Please refer to the Coaching Requirements under the website Resources tab for parents interested in coaching. There will be a check box at registration where you can make the club aware of your willingness to coach.  


Players in this program must purchase our club jerseys. You can find more information about jerseys under Resources. Super 8 teams will use the same club jersey. 

Additional Costs

Your team may vote to participate in jamborees (similar to tournaments). One of these jamborees typically costs each player around $40. Teams will have the opportunity to earn funds to help pay for some of their additional costs, by helping with the 8U Jamboree hosted by St. Peters Hockey Club during the season. Details concerning this will be discussed in detail at the Team Manager meeting.


Pricing: $1,225 for all players

A Payment plan is available when you register. Registration fee will include a Yearbook for each player. Additional yearbooks will be offered for purchase when printed.

Pre-skates and Evaluation dates are posted on our homepage.

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