Your team may decide to do a large team-wide fundraiser.   Participation in these events is entirely voluntary.  See Rules page for club policy updated October 2017.

Some examples of these are:

  1. Trivia Night
  2. Bowling
  3. Mouse Races
  4. Golf Tournament
  5. Car Wash

For these fundraisers, the money raised (minus expenses), are applied evenly to each participating player's ledger.

Individual Fundraisers

The other type of fundraiser that your team could choose to do is one where the money earned is directly tied to the families doing the fundraising.

  1. Selling TJ's or Dan O's Pizza
  2. Selling Candy
  3. Selling cards

For these fundraisers, a vote is not required and the funds earned by each person are applied to their player's ledger.

Sponsorship program 

The Club has a sponsorship program to help individuals and teams raise money for playing hockey by selling team sponsorships. If you sell a club partner or club sponsor, 80 percent of the proceeds goes to the individual and 20 percent to the team. If you sell a Rec-Plex ad, that split is 50-50 after expenses and the Rec-Plex's portion. 

Team manager's responsibilities: 

Distribute copies of the sponsorship program and forms for companies to fill out to your team. Collect all forms and all checks (we don't do credit cards) by Oct. 20 and mail to Club Manager Dennis Coon, P.O. Box 487, St. Peters, MO. 63376. Please mail your whole team's sponsors at once. If you need an invoice, email Email with the name of each company, a link to their website and the size of their sponsorship, also by Oct. 20. If they purchased the $1,000 level, also email a high-res logo. 

Make sure all yearbook ads for your team are camera-ready in the size they need to be and send them to by Nov. 30. If a sponsor has bought a Rec-Plex ad, all you have to do is hand that information over to Andea Keachie,

Toward the end of the season, Dennis will send the manager a check back for the amount of the sponsorship. It is the manager’s responsibility to make sure the money goes to the correct place. For a  sponsorship, the money is divided: 80 percent individual/ 20 percent team. For a Rec-Plex ad, that money is divided 50/50 after the Rec-Plex takes its cut. For instance, if you sell a $900 lobby banner ad, there will be a cost of $100 to make the ad, then the Rec-Plex gets 50 percent. So the team and individual will split about $400.

* Note: Though the company determines who makes the "sale," we do consider it in poor taste to "poach" a sponsor from a family who has had them previously. Please make sure you look at the previous year's yearbook and don't actively go after another family's sponsor. 


Click here to download Sponsorship Form 

Club Partners - $1,000  (plan is tax-deductible)

     Partner logo on home page at 

     Dedicated email to entire club about the partnership and Facebook post

     Full page yearbook ad (8 by 11 inches)

Club Sponsors - Gold Level - $500  (tax deductible)

     Link with text-only on sponsors page on the website

     Included in a "Thank you to our Club Sponsors" email and Facebook post

    Half page yearbook ad (4 by 11 inches or 8 by 5.5 inches)

Club Sponsors- Silver Level - $250 (tax deductible)

     Link with text-only on sponsors page on the website

     Included in a "Thank you to our Club Sponsors" email and Facebook post

    Quarter page yearbook ad (4 by 5.5 inches)


You must purchase one of the tiered programs to purchase these. Note: There is limited space on these and they may be sold out. Please check with

Dasherboard ad at the Rec-Plex, rink A: $800 (per season)

Banner ad at the Rec-Plex main lobby, South building: $900 (per season) 24 inches high by 13 feet wide

Banner ad at the Rec-Plex main lobby, South Building: $1,225 per season, 5 feet by 11 feet, 7 inches

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