Travel Hockey Minimum Tournament Requirements

No vote, coaches choice.

Level of Play In-Town Tournaments Out-of-Town Tournaments
(Under 350 Miles)
A1 2 2*
A2 2 2*
A3 2 1
B 2 1
C 1 0
8U (All Levels) 3 0

*Mileage limits do not apply to birth year teams, but the coach must get approval from the ALC, if they wish to include a trip over 350 miles as one of the minimum required tournaments

Additional tournaments along with any tournaments that fall over the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Holiday, must follow STP Club Tournament Policy. 

If a coach opts out of choosing a tournament(s), the process defaults back to the STP Club Tournament Policy. Tournaments may be proposed by the Manager or an Assistant Coach. 

Tournament Policy

All tournaments require 75% of the team to vote yes, to participate in a tournament. 

You may not pull players from other teams to participate in a tournament, even lower level teams. Only exception is if a goalie is needed you must have permission from your team, the chosen goalies coach and this must be a goalie from an even or lower level team.

6U/8U and Travel Hockey:

If your team votes yes for a tournament, every family (even those who don't play in the tournament) is responsible for its share of tournament fee and coach costs (applies only to teams with non-parent coaches).

If your team does not vote for a tournament, but you still have enough players to play in the tournament, you can do that but the players who are not participating are not required to pay toward any costs.

Travel Permit

If you are traveling outside of the Missouri Hockey district, you must get a travel permit from Missouri Hockey.  The cost for the permit ranges from $10 to $30 depending on when you order the permit.

Club Address: P.O. Box 487 St. Peters, MO 63376

Coach Expenses

Like all other parents, parent coaches are responsible for their own travel expenses. However, if your team is booking enough hotel rooms, your coach's room may be comped by the hotel.

Non-parent coaches receive $40 per day to cover their food and gas costs. Their hotel room, if not comped, is also covered by the parents on your team.

Tournament Resources

Most tournaments are hosted by a few large companies that we have linked below. Beyond these tournaments, some clubs host their own tournaments. When we receive information on these tournaments, we will post them here.

Synergy Hockey Tournaments

Ultimate Tournaments

Big Bear Tournaments

HockeyTime Productions

MyHockey Tournaments

Showdown Tournaments

Tournament Preparation

Once your team has agreed on a tournament, you will need to do the following things:

  1. Complete Tournament Application - You should submit your tournament application ASAP so space doesn't fill up. Never assume that you are in the tournament just because you sent in the application. Always verify with a human that your spot in the tournament is secured.
  2. Submit Your Downpayment
  3. Submit Hotel Preferences - Most tournaments require you to stay at a tournament-approved hotel. You should send those to the tournament director ASAP.
  4. Collect Hotel Reservation Information - Some tournaments handle this differently, but most require the team manager to collect credit card information and reservation dates from each family.

Some other things to consider:

  1. Plan Team Outings - Oftentimes teams will plan dinners or activities to do when out of town. This is an excellent way to team build. Also consider looking into getting a banquet room one night at your hotel for the kids to play in. If they are unused, the hotel will often give you one for little to no cost.
  2. Door Posters - Most teams prepare door signs for each kid. This helps the kids and parents know where everyone's rooms are. If you're doing multiple out of town tournaments, make sure you collect them before everyone goes home so you can re-use them.
  3. Goody bags - When you have early games the kids may not have time for breakfast, you can ask the parents if they want to donate healthy snacks like granola bars for a quick bite before or between games. 
  4. You may need volunteers for opening the penalty box door for younger kids
  5.  When Jamborees are ran by STP, teams will need parent volunteers for time clock and score keeping.
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