Blue Note Cup Playoffs

Good Luck to the St. Peters and Sting teams playing for Blue Note Cup Championships this weekend!  

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Here is an overview of the schedule for the STP and Sting teams:


2010 Sting @ 6:00pm vs Knights - NHL Rink

2009 Sting @ 6:10pm vs Knights - Plager Rink

2007 Sting @ 7:55pm vs Knights - NHL Rink

2008 Sting @ 8:05pm vs Knights - Plager Rink


Peewee C1 Smith @ 9:20am vs Chesterfield - NHL Rink

Squirt C2 Petrov @ 10:40am vs Rockets - Plager Rink

Peewee A3 Angelo @ 2:00pm vs Twin Bridges - Plager Rink

Squirt A3 Lauranitus @ 5:20pm vs Chesterfield - Plager Rink

Peewee C3 Saab @ 7:00pm vs Lady Falcons - Plager Rink


Peewee B2 Hurlbert @ 9:30am vs Kirkwood - NHL Rink

U15 @ 11:10am vs Chesterfield - NHL Rink

Peewee A1 Petska @ 12:05pm vs Springfield Kings - Plager Rink

Squirt C1 Danner @ 1:45pm vs Kirkwood - Plager Rink

Peewee B1 Schoenholz @ 3:00pm vs Rockets - NHL Rink

Bantam B2 @ 4:40pm vs Chesterfield - NHL Rink

Peewee C2 Baeten @ 5:35pm vs. Kirkwood - Plager Rink

Our 6U and 8U Teams are playing in the BNC festival, the schedule for those games can be found at this link: