Jersey Fitting -July 20, 2020

Our second jersey fitting will be held Monday, July 20th from 4-8pm at Rec Plex South.  Additional fittings will be announced.

Please follow the following protocol:

Arrive and come in the back doors to the South Rec Plex building. Enter the large gym, which is the first door on the left. There will be lanes to follow once you get into the building. After you complete your fitting proceed out the far door and head to TGP to pay. If the line is too long for payment, members will have until Friday, July 24th to come back to TGP to pay. TGP will be open 12-8 during the week for payment only. Sizing and jersey numbers must be confirmed at the Monday night fitting. After payment, you may exit out the front doors of the South building.  

Masks will be required so please plan to wear them while inside the building.