Rec-Plex Ice Arena Rules Covid19 Updated 10/9/2020

Skaters may arrive NO MORE than 15 minutes prior to ice rental/game start time

Goalies are allowed in up to 25 min prior to game start ONLY. Locker rooms may not be available until 15min prior but a designated chair outside of the locker room or lobby space may be given if needed.

Masks are to be worn at all times in spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained

Locker room use is allowed but limited to 15 min prior to start time and 15min after end time (all teams are given 1 locker room space)

 masks must be worn at all times if more than 9 skaters are using space

If locker room doors are to be shut, masks must be worn

Chairs can be added outside of locker rooms in hallway to accommodate more skaters

Skaters should arrive as ready to go as possible

NO SHOWERS will be allowed

Water fountain usage is prohibited; players/teams need to provide their own hydration sources.

Locker rooms and benches should be left clean without gear, tape or other items left behind. ALL items left behind will be thrown away as we are not keeping a lost and found at this time.

Locker rooms and benches will be sanitized between ice times.

NO MORE than 2 guardians/viewers per skater will be allowed in the rinks as spectators. 

Please follow designated walking paths to limit face to face interactions throughout our building.

Please use designated entrance and exit doors

Skate guards and staff can help direct skaters and patrons as needed.

 Masks are very strongly encouraged at all times.

Please maintain social distancing at all times do not gather in groups in any areas.

Concessions will be open limitedly each day at the South Arena ONLY

Hand sanitizer stations have been posted throughout the building

Staff will continue to sanitized high touch point areas throughout the day

If you are not feeling well or are experiencing any flu/COVID-19 like symptoms, we ask that you stay home!