St. Peters' Hockey Club Jersey Announcement

St. Peters’ Hockey Club Members,

At the start of the 2019/2020 hockey season, The St. Peters’ Hockey Club Board notified the membership that effective in the 2020/2021 hockey season, the club will no longer use the name Spirit, or the eagle logo associated with it. During the past year, the board has solicited feedback from the membership and met numerous times regarding this topic.

A sincere thank you for the submissions of logos, names, and to all that completed the survey. The overwhelming majority of respondents favored identifying the club as the St. Peters’ Hockey Club, our original legal name. Additionally, the majority voted to keep a version of temporary logo, which was created last year. Lastly, another common request was that the club retain a color scheme that allows for continued use of navy as a base color to compliment helmets, gloves, and pant colors. Taking all the feedback into account, the St Peters’ Hockey Club is pleased to present the new jerseys!

**NOTE: The St. Peters’ Hockey Club name and logo are protected. Permission to utilize must be acquired in writing through the Board secretary to go through the approval process.

Actual jersey brand has not been determined and the US flag is representative, it will be the correct orientation on the actual jerseys.